dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Who is Mister Meo ?

Mr. Didier Meo is a certified engineer of the communications engineering of the University of Dortmund in Germany. He had studied in Congo as well as in China. In addition, he had the possibility for a doctorate in the area of the solar technology at the research institution of Jülich. He has several years', many-sided, international occupational experience in the technical and business area (also import and export); as a developer, technical representative, consultant engineer, interpreter, translator, scientific employee, lecturer and manager. He was and is a board member in various associations and is involved very much in the international developing collaboration. In some developing projects for Africa he has already helped. He was also active long time as a political adviser. 
  • Some competences and experiences of Didier Meo: Application developer ASP.Net with C #, Ajax, SQL servers in the insurance sector and software developer C++, C#, COM by the savings bank Witten; software developer Delphi, C++, C# in the technical area with SCHUMAG AG; software developer ASP.NET with VB.Net, Oracle in the insurance sector by Elips in Belgium; software developer C++ in the unified Messaging by CyCos; software developer C++ (AIX/Windows) for on-line Banking wikth CoCoNet AG; scientific co-worker with C++ development at the university of the armed forces Hamburg.
  • Some lecturer's duties of Meo: trainer for MS-Access and MS-Access-VBA by One-Training in Düren; trainer of MS-Excel by Train&Education Ltd in Köln; lecturer for MS.Net with Tertia Consulting IT academy in Neuss; study leader for Java programming at Hamburg academy of correspondence courses; lecturer in MS Word / Excel / Access and VBA with IPEPS Seraing in Belgium; lecturer for the introduction to the telecommunications for telecommunication managers with JQP (Jessberger qualification + project management) Ltd in Dortmund; lecturer in networks with Windows NT with/S/I/S/Z/(software industry Support centre) Ltd in Dortmund; scientific employees with UKE by the University Hamburg; scientific employee at the University of the armed forces of Hamburg.
  • Some business experiences of Mr. Meo: Representative General of Congo Consulting GmbH (Hennef) in D.R. Congo; Consultant of telecommunication for Plan+Design (Nürnberg) in D. R.Congo; Interim Manager by WEM GmbH in Hamburg; Sales Manager by IS Informatics in Belgium; Representative freelance for Siemens-Nixdorf South-Africa in Zaire; General Manager by InterServ in Zaire; Technical Representative by Klimas Systemedia in Hamburg.